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May 24, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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Water is our true “staff of life”. Water, which carries oxygen to our body’s cells, makes up more than half of our body weight and we can’t live for more than a few days without it. While our bodies don’t get water just from drinking water alone, as any fluids we drink contain water as well as certain foods like fruits and vegetables. Consuming pure,fresh, clean water is vital for our good health. How can we ensure that our drinking water is safe?

In America, we have scientists and government regulators committed to detecting, observing and regulating potential contaminates in our water. However, the toll of time can result in a system that may wear out as well as inadvertent mistakes that can happen. When the system breaks down, we run the risk of toxic chemicals that can find their way into the ground’s surface and into our tap water. To ensure our best health, we do need to find out if there are contaminants in our water and what their concentration levels are and there are contaminates that can potentially pose health risks. The EPA has a great website to learn more about the safety in groundwater and drinking water in your area. http://water.epa.gov/drink/index.cfm.

In the central north pacific ocean there is a huge patch of plastics, sludge and other debris trapped by currents. The vulnerability of the world’s water to contamination and pollutions part of 21st century reality and we must all play the first line of defense in ensuring our water is clean and contaminant free. Here are a few tips on healthier drinking water safety.

Avoid plastic water bottles.
Besides taking a toll on the environment by adding to our landfills, the plastic from water bottles, when warmed up, can leak into our drinking water. A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry by Dr. X.L. Cao noted, “Significant migration of BPA, or biphenyl-A, especially in hot conditions.

Avoid bathing and showering in chlorinated water.

Ditch the office water cooler
There is a major health hazard for offices that fail to disinfect the water tank!.A tufts university research study on water coolers found that “ Organisms from each new bottle of water accumulates over time, huge amounts of bacteria which passes through on the way to a cup or glass”.
In conclusion, the safety of our water should never be taken for granted and we should do everything we can do to ensure our liquid “staff of life” is clean and fresh and free from contaminants.

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