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September 15, 2016
Dual DI Add-On Kit with 2 lbs DI Refill Bags
September 15, 2016
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Reef Aquarium RO DI Resin Dual TDS Meter Add On System


We design and manufacture the highest quality water treatment systems available today. We also custom build systems to fit your needs.

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Dual Add-On Water Filter System
with MBD-20 Nuclear Grade Resin
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Our DUAL DI add on kit comes complete with 2- 10 inch canisters, fittings,

10 feet of 1/4″ tubing and 2 refillable DI cartridges pre-filled with top quality

Resintech MBD-20 Nuclear Grade resin. 

This kit comes completely assembled so all you have to do is cut your output line,pop this in and go!

This is the tool you need to get the zero reading you have been looking for.

Two DI chambers in series allow you to use the first DI until complete exhaustion.


This Dual DI now features the rock solid HM-DIGITAL

dual inline tds meter installed so you can easily tell your incoming

TDS and outgoing tds on this unit!

Another H2O-Science amazing feature at an amazing price!

Included :

Dual cannister filter set with an aluminum bracket

Two refillable cartidges (pre-filled with MBD 20 DI Resin)

HM Digital Dual TDS Meter