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September 13, 2016
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September 13, 2016
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Nuclear Grade Deionization Resin 5 lb


5 lb. Resintech MBD-20 Nuclear Grade DI Resin from Resintech. MPN#5MBD20#

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5 lb. MBD-20 Nuclear Grade DI Resin.
We vacuum package our resin, this removes virtually all of the carbon dioxide within the packaging itself.
We strongly suggest using inline TDS meters to definitively tell you when it is time to change your resin.
Product Specifications

ResinTech MBD-20 is a mixed bed resin with extraordinary high initial cycle operating capacities.
It is intended for use in demineralizer applications where high resistivity and low amine odor is required.
ResinTech MBD-20 is designed to provide demineralized water with a resistivity in excess of 10 megohm.
RESINTECH MBD-20 is a mixture of hydroxide form RESINTECH SBG2-HP, a type 2 strong base gel anion exchange resin and hydrogen form RESINTECH CG8, a premium grade strong acid gel-type, cation exchange resin. The volume mix ratio is approximately 58% anion resin to 42% cation resin. Initial regenerable operating capacities can exceed throwaway mixed beds made from Type 1 resins. In certain cases, regenerable operating capacities can be over 75% higher than for mixed beds based on Type 1 resins. RESINTECH MBD-20 is produced from High Purity (HP) grade component resins, which are fully regenerated to Nuclear Grade (NG) levels. The resin is shipped fully regenerated, ready for immediate use
A constant supply of high purity water can be obtained by using two cartridges in series and allowing the first cartridge to completely depleted. During this operation, the second cartridge ensures that the water leaving the system is of the highest purity. New cartridges are placed into the polishing position and the remaining cartridge is put into the “roughing” position. This ensures complete utilization of all the exchange capacity, which lowers operating costs while increasing average quality.
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5 lb MBD-20
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Weight 6 lbs
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