Activated Carbon

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  • Activated Carbon 8×30 1lb



    We purchase our carbon directly from the manufacturer and as a result are able to offer the best carbon at very reasonable prices. While most companies claim they offer the best, we back our statement with true science and real numbers.

    There are three main concerns when evaluating carbon for aquarium use: the ability to remove color pigments, pollutants, and medications. Each of these have a larger molecule size and require a carbon with a large pore size to effectively remove them. Our Activated Coconut Shell Carbon contains a large number of pores capable of removing these larger molecules. Most of the aquarium industry sells cheap bituminous coal carbon containing large numbers of small pores which are ineffective at removing larger particles like color pigments, aquarium pollutants and medications.


  • Activated Carbon 8×30 2 lbs


    Saltwater correct activated Coconut Shell carbon 8×30 mesh 2 lb bagMPN#ABC8x30-2#

  • Activated Carbon 8×30 27.5 lbs


    Saltwater correct activated Coconut Shell carbon 8×30 mesh 5 lbsMPN#ACB8x30-27.5#